Set Career Goal and Return to College?

Rhianna writes:
Perhaps you can help me. I cant figure out which career I want to go into! I have thought about it and thought about it taken career assessments and still just don’t know. I would like to return to college next year to finish my bachelor degree but in what major? If you can offer some advice or direct me to a good website I would so appreciate it!

The Career Doctor responds:
Here’s my advice for someone struggling for a major and/or career path:
Step 1: Examine the things you like to do — at work and at play. What activities give you the most joy and get you energized?
Step 2: Examine the types of activities that you dislike performing — and never want to perform again.
Step 3: Now look at your strengths and weaknesses. What are the types of skills and activities where you excel? What are the types of things where you have troubles?
Step 4: With this newfound knowledge of yourself go back and take a few of the assessment tests. The career services office at your college probably has a few you can take — or go online and take a few of those. Here’s a great article that includes a review of all the major online assessments: Online
Career Assessments: Helpful Tools of Self-Discovery
You can find these steps — and more — in my article Choosing a College Major: How to Chart Your Ideal Path. Keep in mind however that at this point in your college career it might make more sense to find a major that will let you finish quickly and get you the degree which is often more important than the subject you majored in at college.
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