Send Same Thank-You Letter to All Players in a Panel Interview?

Anonymous writes:
Just got out of a job interview. If you interview with multiple people
at the same time is it okay to individually send the same letter to
all members of the panel? Thanks for your help.

The Career Doctor responds:
No no no! Just put yourself in their shoes. People in an office share
everything and any points you gain from sending a thank-you note –
since many job-seekers still have not mastered this task — will be lost
when folks see you could not spend the time to personalize each letter.
Now I am not saying that each letter has to be completely original. I
think there can be plenty of overlap — the paragraph about fit with the
organization can be the same in each letter — but for any thank-you
letter to be most effective you need to show you made a connection
with the interviewer.
So with a thank-you to a panel of interviewers you need to take note
of something each one said and use that information to personalize
the thank-you letters.
And send those thank-you letters right away. I am dealing with a friend
who was raised in South America and just does not seem to get the
urgency of sending thank-you notes promptly — nor the nuance that the
thank-you letter is another marketing opportunity another chance to
sell yourself. The rule of thumb is to send the thank-you letter within
24 hours of the interview.
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