Send Employer a Thank-You Letter Even If You Got Interview through Recruiter

Kelly writes:
I’ve been using an executive recruiter to find a new job and it has worked well. I just
came back from an interview for a job that is perfect for me and with a company I
want to work for. I immediately called my recruiter and told him how I felt. Should I
still write a thank-you letter to the employer? I don’t want to upset my recruiter by
going around him. What do you think I should do?

The Career Doctor responds:
I’m glad you wrote me this question because I don’t get many emails about working
with recruiters (also referred to as headhunters) and they can be a valuable addition
to your job search.
Recruiters serve just about every profession/industry and location. The relationship
is often stronger when a recruiter contacts you but job-seekers — especially those with
several years of experience — should at least research potential headhunters when
undertaking a job-search.
A couple of other pieces of information. Recruiters work for the employer and they get
paid when they place someone in the position. Job-seekers never have to pay a fee to
reputable recruiters — because the employer pays the fee.
That all said yes you should always tell your recruiter exactly how you felt about a particular
prospective employer — especially when you are as sure as you seem to be. It’s then the
recruiter’s job to push your candidacy with the employer.
However working with a recruiter does not suspend basic job-search etiquette and you
most certainly should write thank-you notes to all the folks you interviewed with. Doing
so will not undermine the recruiter.
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