Send a Thank-You Letter After Second Interview

Lucille writes:
Hello. I have a unique question. After a promising second interview is it necessary to send a second thank you letter? I had already sent one after the first interview. Thanks so much.

The Career Doctor responds:
Lucille it’s often the little things that gives one job-seeker an edge over the others. And following proper etiquette is certainly one of those little things. So yes by all means send a thank-you note. You should always send thank you notes after every interview — to each person who interviewed you.
While I like to make the thank-you note after the first round of interviews more formal such as the examples found at Free Sample Job Interview and Career Thank-You Letters I tend to favor a handwritten note of thanks for second interviews. It won’t help you this time but I would even suggest bringing the note paper and envelope with you to the interview so that once your interview is complete you can find a quiet place and write a quick note of thanks and drop it in the mail.
The content of the note should be short and simple. Thank the interviewer for his or her time and reinforce your rapport and fit; restate your unique selling proposition; and close with a proactive statement about getting to the next step in the process.
You can find other great information in our article FAQs About Thank You Letters.
And don’t forget to follow-up.
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