Seeking a Headhunter

Anonymous writes:
Do you know of a local headhunter agency reliable and with moderate fees? I have a Ph.D. 3 master’s and live in Washington D.C. metro area in Virginia. Thank you!

The Career Doctor responds:
Headhunters and recruiters can be a great tool of any job-search but you need to find the right fit. Headhunters are typically organized by location or by industry/occupation. Nearly all reputable recruiting firms are paid by employers so you should not incur any fees. That’s the good news. The bad news is that recruiters work for the employers not for you. So while you are an important part of the puzzle for a recruiter
(assuming you have qualifications and skills that match the needs of his or her clients) you will always be second to the clients.
Since I don’t know your specialty I cannot offer you much more advice. There are numerous recruiters located in the Washington D.C. metro market (as with any large metropolitan area) but I don’t know if any of them specialize in your field.
The best source for getting information about using headhunters and finding recruiters? Go to this section of Quintessential Careers: Recruiter Directories & Associations. You’ll find a growing list of articles and other resources about how job-seekers can best use the services of recruiters as well as recruiter directories and recruiter associations. My favorite recruiter directory is Oya’s Directory of Recruiters.
Best of luck with your headhunter search!
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