Seeking a Career with Lots of Vacation Time

Josh writes:
What careers offer lots of vacation time (besides educational careers)?

The Career Doctor responds:
There may be other professions that offer as much vacation time as
those of us in education enjoy but the bigger question is why are
you so focused on vacation time as a factor in choosing a career?
To me that’s almost as bad as when people ask what professions
pay the highest salaries? Why? You need to find a career that will give you personal satisfaction — that’s where you will be
your happiest and most productive.
Overall the U.S. lags other Western countries in the number of
vacation days offered with the average around 13 days per year.
Entry-level workers often start with one or two weeks of paid vacation.
Usually the longer you are employed and the higher you are within
an organization the more vacation time. When I worked at People
magazine I had six weeks of vacation time (not counting paid holidays personal time and sick days). Obviously these numbers vary by
I think the more telling statistic in this current era of overworking
employees to increase productivity is that several studies have
shown that the average worker is unable to use his/her allotted
vacation days because of work demands. And low-wage workers
who actually get vacation time often have to work other jobs during
their vacations to make ends meet.
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