Sample Cover Letter that Discusses Salary Requirements?

Tonya writes:
I was browsing your site and really finding the information useful.
My quick question is do you have a sample cover letter on your site
that includes how to ask for a certain salary. The job asks that
applicants submit their salary requirement? Can you help me?
A template of this?

The Career Doctor responds:
Asking for salary requirements help employers screen out job-seekers –
both the lazy job-seekers who don’t bother to conduct any research and
the over- and under-qualified job-seekers.
Your goal as the job-seeker is to uncover — as close as possible — the
salary range for the position you are applying for. You can find this information
(or a close proximity) either through a contact within the company or from
industry salary sources.
If the salary range seems acceptable to you — and you are qualified for the
position — then you have it a lot easier. If the salary range is not acceptable
but you still want the job for other reasons then you may need to approach
the situation differently.
But regardless you have a couple of options in dealing with a salary
requirement request. Just remember never to put down a specific number –
give yourself some negotiating room if you make it to that point in the process.
So here are some options when dealing with a request:

  • provide your salary requirement (narrow range)
  • ask for a wide salary range
  • state that you expect competitive or fair compensation
  • express your salary flexibility
  • ignore the salary request (riskiest strategy)

Here’s a sample paragraph I would put in my cover letter:

Per your request
an acceptable salary range for this job based on the description and my
research is $45000-$50000 not including benefits or supplements. My
requirement is flexible and negotiable depending on such factors as additional
benefits faster salary reviews and increased advancement opportunities.

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