Revealing Salary Before the Job Offer

Mike writes:
I had finished interview with one company. Now they want me to fill out a form with work history and salary history. Do I have to tell them my current salary?

The Career Doctor responds:
Mike you’re in a situation that is one of the most dreaded for job-seekers … especially if you feel your current salary does not reflect your current value. Regardless by providing this information to the employer you are giving them the edge in future salary negotiations because they’ll know exactly what you’re currently earning.
Should you do a little “white lie” and pump up your salary history? While the idea may seem appealing it’s best to stick with the truth. Some employers will check your salary history — and some will go as far as asking to see a pay stub or last year’s W-2 form.
Read more about completing these forms in our article on Quintessential Careers A Job-Seeker’s Guide to Successfully Completing Job Applications.
And for more information on salary negotiation check out the Quintessential Careers Salary Negotiation Tutorial.


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