Returning to the Workforce After Entrepreneurship

Susanne writes:
After 30 years of self-employment as a real-estate broker bookkeeper and tax prepare and tax consultant I have made the decision that I want to find a company that can really use my experience which includes a wide range or real-estate experience including property management and sales and 30 years of preparing individual income taxes. In addition to partnerships and small and regular corporations I am for the first time seriously considering entering the corporate world. I have absolutely no idea what my experience and education are worth at this point. Where do I start? (I have a bachelor’s degree in design also.)

The Career Doctor responds:
It’s hard to provide too much advice because I don’t know if you have any special certifications beyond your college degree such as a real-estate license or tax-preparation certificate though I am assuming you must have your real-estate license. I’m also not sure what type of job you seek in the corporate world.

Have you looked at working for a major commercial real-estate company?

At this point in your career your college education is not all that important — except for the fact that you have a college education. More important are your work experiences and your certifications.


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