Resumes for Blue-Collar Jobs

Tanisha writes:
Do you know of a web site where I could look up a sample resume for an automotive technician/mechanic? I haven’t been too successful on my own.

The Career Doctor responds:
You’re certainly right there is not much out there on the Web about blue-collar resumes. My sense is this is because blue-collar jobs have lagged behind technology and other white-collar jobs in reaching the Net. The best bet for you is the late Yana Parker’s Website offering her book Blue Collar & Beyond: Resumes for Skilled Trades & Services. You can find the site here. She lists an example or two at the site but you might just want to go to your local library or invest the approximately $10 to buy the book. I totally believe Yana was a resume guru.

For more general information about resume formats you can certainly look at my article Fundamentals of a Good Chronlogical Resume.
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