Resources for Phone Interviewing

Dianne writes:
I’m really enjoying reading your articles. The quizzes and tests are fun. I love your website; it so informational. Can you direct me to the section on:

  1. Job Interviews on the phone
  2. Questions I should ask the interviewer

I have a phone interview coming up.

The Career Doctor responds:
Dianne thanks for your kind words about Quintessential Careers. We now have more than 3500 pages of content at Quintessential Careers with just a plethora of career information advice and resources for all job-seekers.
Now to your search for information. First we have published a series of articles on phone interviews. Please check out Phone Interview
Etiquette Can Propel You to the Next Step in the Hiring Process
. This article provides job-seekers will all the keys to successful phone interviews. A companion piece to that article is our collection of Phone
Interviewing Do’s and Don’ts
Second in our interviewing resources section you’ll find Questions
You Can Ask at the Interview
all of which could be asked during a phone interview. As you already know asking questions in any interview situation is critical for job-seekers; when job-seekers ask questions during interviews potential employers perceive it as a sign of interest in the company.
Best of luck on the phone interview.
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