Resignation Letter After a Week on the Job?

Anonymous writes:
After checking out your website I didn’t find a sample resignation letter that I can use as a reference. I was wondering if you can help
me. I just started a job last Monday and now I need to quit since I
found a job that would pay way more than I’m getting now. I took
the job since I needed one badly and I just moved to the area. After
saying that I am dependable reliable… (per my references which
are all true) now I am quitting. I feel bad and nervous when I hand
them the letter.
I will start my new job next week so I don’t have two weeks’
notice to give them. Can you help me write a good resignation letter?

The Career Doctor responds:
Okay. I’m sorry (well… not really) but I need to start my response with a
lecture. Do you understand how unfair it is — on so many levels — to go
through the hiring process accept a job work there for a week and then
quit? It’s unfair to the employer for the time and costs incurred and
unfair to the other job-seekers who did not get the job offer because you did.
And I hate to say it but you should feel nervous! I usually talk about the
value of a positive resignation letter — you never want to burn your bridges
by leaving on bad terms — but in this case I cannot imagine what you
could say that placate your employer.
But whatever you do don’t start of the letter saying you are leaving because
you kept interviewing once you had this job and now you are leaving because
you received an offer for a much more high-paying job. Wow. Salt in the wound.
Simply write a very short and sweet letter thanking them for the opportunity
and apologizing for leaving so quickly and suddenly. Volunteer to help in
any way you can and state your last day of employment.
Finally please remember that money is not everything. Money will not
bring you happiness if you are not in a career/occupation that you are
passionate about. If you are generally unhappy find the time to conduct
some career assessments.
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