Researching a Specific Career

Kari writes:
frogI have a problem. I am supposed to do a report on the career of my choice and I have chosen herpetologist.

But I can’t find information beyond what I already know.

I need things like salary.

Can you help me?

The Career Doctor responds:
I had a student who was interested in a career in herpetology but before that time I would have had no clue about careers in herpetology – the study of amphibians and reptiles.

I like that you have a teacher requiring you to do research on your chosen career… so I will give you a few hints and suggestions but you will still have to do the legwork. These suggestions will work for those doing research in any career field.

First search the Occupational Outlook Handbook published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor. While it did not contain any information on herpetology it is a great source of information about careers trends in those careers and salary information.

Second locate the professional association of your chosen field. Many libraries have a book in the reference area that simply lists associations. Or you can check the Web using for example Google.

Third use your network of friends colleagues professors family to find people currently working in the field. Set up interviews and discuss careers and salary with them.

You can find out more about networking by visiting Quintessential Careers:
The Art of Networking

Fourth surf through a few of the major job sites such as the job board at Quint Careers as well as some of the science-specific sites
which you can find at Quintessential Careers and review any of the job postings.


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