Reinvigorating Frustrating Job Search after Layoff

Rachel writes:
I was recently laid off from my current job. I have enthusiastically been searching for a job for almost 2 months applying for approximately 30 jobs on the Internet and in the local newspapers. I am a college graduate with a 4-year degree and I do not know what other avenues are left to explore. I have tried networking with my current colleagues and with friends. I feel like jobs that are easily accessible are low-paying and I feel like my education is being wasted. What should I do???

The Career Doctor responds:
Rachel I think the last line of your email is one of the keys that you need to explore to get a new job. Responding to help-wanted ads is a part of the job-hunting ritual but has an extremely low payoff. You need to branch out and focus your energies on productive job-hunting techniques.

One productive technique is networking – using your circle of friends and colleagues to help find a new job. But your circle of friends and coworkers is just one part of your available network. Your potential network includes people in professional groups where you are a member religious organizations social groups college and high-school alumni groups and more. So go back and examine who you have networked with and see if you can expand that circle. Don’t be shy especially since you are going to be unemployed in a week’s time. To get more information and tips on networking visit: The Art of Networking.

Another technique is the cold-contact job search where you identify employers and direct targeted letters (and resumes) to them in search of a job.

Finally don’t abandon the Net. What job sites are you using? You might do better examining some other job sites or looking for ones that specifically target either your location or your profession. You can find the best collection of these resources at: Quintessential Careers: Job Resources.
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