Recruiters Push Relocation on Him

finger_pointing_at_map_-_Google_SearchDavid writes:
My home and family are here in Oklahoma City…

Why is it that nearly every recruiter or job-search agent’s first words after “hello” are either “relocate” or the name of some other city?

This happens even though I have indicated in my resume objective I am looking for work in Oklahoma City…

Am I just a piece of meat who gets the recruiter a better commission for forcing me to relocate regardless of job openings in the city where I already live?

The Career Doctor responds:

David recruiters are paid by employers for placement not by the job-seeker. So while you may be looking for employment in Oklahoma City the recruiters you’ve talked with may have clients elsewhere with needs that match your qualifications. Since I don’t know the type of job you’re looking for your background or current employment conditions in Oklahoma City for you’re a person of your talents and skills it’s hard for me to offer any better answer.

But here are a few broad suggestions. First how many recruiters have you spoken with? Are you talking to generalists or specialists to your industry/profession? I’ve worked with some great recruiters and then others who seemed more suited for selling cars so you may be on a stretch of bad luck … or there are simply better opportunities for someone such as yourself outside your area.

Check out Oya’s Recruiter Directory for some new leads on recruiters. Second I would suggest going the networking route – either through a professional organization or civic organization – or your existing network of friends and associates; surely these networks are a great place to get some help in finding a better job.

Finally check out some of the general job sites such as the one on Quintessential Careers or any of the many others – both general and industry-specific – listed for you at Quint Careers.
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