Questions to Expect in an Interview

Andrew writes:
I am going for a job interview as a web designer.
In your opinion what are typical questions?? (And answers.)
How would you answer if they asked “E-Commerce is very important; what skills can you bring?” Also “Sell yourself in 1 minute.”

The Career Doctor responds:
If you want to be prepared for just about any kind of interview you need to use a feature on Quintessential Careers. Check out our Job Interview Questions Database which includes The Interview Question Database
150 typical traditional and behavioral job interview questions and The Practice Interviews where you can test your responses to typical interview questions.
The key to successfully answering interview questions is having an understanding of the
purpose behind each question. Your answers should always be focused on the prize –
getting to the next step getting the job offer. Thus your answers should always be
framed in the context of how your mix of education experience and skills will add to the company — and make the interviewer’s job easier/better.
So for your first question you need to have an understanding of the skills the employer is looking for in the web designer position — is the position more focused purely on design does it incorporate an e-commerce aspect does it involve strategic planning? Once you have a handle on what the position entails you should have a better idea of how to frame your answer identifying and matching the key skills you can bring to the employer.
And for your second question…well every job-seeker should have a one-minute sales pitch. While parts of the pitch can be general strengths and skills you can offer to any employer — including your unique selling proposition (USP) you should of course tailor your answer to the employer and job at hand to provide the strongest possible sales pitch. And by the way regardless of whether you end up using the sales pitch in the interview you should most certainly write it in your thank-you letter following the interview. To learn more about using marketing and sales techniques in job-hunting read my article Using Key Marketing Tools to Position Yourself on the Job Market.
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