Protocol for Salary History?

Kim writes:
I have a question concerning salary histories. What is protocol for including salary history with resumes?
Any assistance is most appreciated including urls of samples or sample sites.

The Career Doctor responds:
Kim I am assuming you have been asked to include a salary history because if not you need to know that the cardinal rule is NEVER send a salary history with your resume and NEVER put salary history information on your resume.
Employers use salary history for a variety of reasons. They want to see if your current salary is beyond the salary range for the position you are seeking; if you have made steady progress on salary in previous positions; and to gain the edge in salary negotiations — since they will have all your information and you will have very little of theirs.
For information dealing with this whole issue I recommend you spend some time on the Quintessential Careers Salary
Negotiation Tutorial
. Here’s where you can find other salary negotiation resources.
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