Prospective Nurse Worries about Family’s, Friends’ Reaction

Greg writes:
I’ve got a BS in Business Administration and while I have worked in
business for a number of years I have never really enjoyed any of the jobs.
More recently I have become interested in a career in nursing. One
of my best friends is a nurse and I have seen first-hand how rewarding
her job is to her – something so lacking in mine.
I did well in science classes in college and know that I could do well
studying for a nursing certification but I worry about how I will be
perceived in my field as well as how my family and friends will react.
After doing some serious reflection I am sure nursing was what I was
meant to do. What do you think?

The Career Doctor responds:
There are certainly some pros and cons of working in a non-traditional career
which I will get to in a minute but I think the most important thing to consider
is finding a career that you will enjoy – that you will find personally meaningful
and rewarding. I see too many job-seekers who are just not happy in their
careers – and are just not sure how to get out of them. Kudos for taking the
first steps.
And nursing is certainly a very hot career field right now – with lots of growth
and plenty of room for both male and female nurses. Besides your friend –
which is a good start – you’ll want to do more research on the field perhaps
even do some informational interviewing and job shadowing before making
any final decisions.
If you do decide to go into nursing – a non-traditional career for men – you
should be prepared for some cons that many men face such as people
questioning your sexuality lack of support from family and friends and a
lack of mentors of your gender.
But there are also some pros to working in non-traditional careers. First
you often get more attention paid to your work. And for men working in
non-traditional careers you are often given positions of responsibility
sooner – because you are seen as having natural leadership and other
key skills. Finally by working in a non-traditional career you are having
an impact on society because you are making it easier for the next
person of the same gender to break into the field.
Read more in my latest article published on Quintessential Careers:
Pros and Cons of Non-Traditional Careers


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