Proposing a Flexible Work Arrangement to Your Boss

Melanie writes:
I am currently employed full-time in an office but would like to change to
part-time (and work from home). How do I come up with a written proposal
to present to the president of the company for this? Do you have any
samples of what such a proposal would look like? Can you help?

The Career Doctor responds:
Workplace flexibility is probably one of the biggest issues facing
employers today. More and more employees are seeking some
form of flexibility — compressed workweeks different work hours
flextime job-sharing telework etc. And more employers are at
least exploring options in response to this increased demand
from workers.
There are all sorts of issues tied to workplace flexibility however
and many employers — while wanting to do the right thing — are
struggling with issues of equity productivity and management.
The good news is telework is on the increase.
But your task is made all the harder because you are seeking two
changes in your status. And the move to part-time is made tougher
by issues of how salary and benefits will be handled.
Your goal is to develop a detailed plan that will show the company
how and why your move to part-time telework will be beneficial for all
parties — how it will make you a more productive worker and the specific
benefits to the company.
You should conduct research into how other companies handle these
issues. There are also a number of online resources that can help you.
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