Post Resume, Sit Back, and Wait for Offer?

LK writes:
Could you tell me the best sites for a person who has so many skills that
they just want to post a resume for the interested parties to read and give
me an offer that I can’t refuse? Really! I’m serious!!

The Career Doctor responds:
I am always wary of job-hunters who think too highly of themselves or who feel they
have so many skills that employers should be pounding down their doors. Nine times
out of 10 it turns out that the job-seeker has mediocre skills and abilities at best
and simply is indecisive about his or her job search.
With job-hunting a sharp focus on jobs and employers is almost always more
successful than some scattershot approach.
So you’re first step has to be to narrow the field of job possibilities. Conduct some
occupational research and develop a list of jobs that fit your skills interests and abilities.
Once that step is complete then start examining potential industries and employers.
I’ve found that some job-seekers really benefit from a tool we use in business called a
SWOT Analysis where you examine your strengths and weaknesses (the best part)
as well as the threats and opportunities in various career fields.
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You also need to expand your job-search beyond just a few Internet job sites. You
cannot afford to limit your job-seeking opportunities — and you need to be an active
participant in the job-search rather than passive. Consider some of the other avenues
of job-searching: networking recruiters cold contact job postings want ads and alumni/career services offices from your previous schools.
In the end you need to remember that networking is typically the best tool for finding
a job. It’s also a good tool for learning more about various occupations and jobs.
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You should also consider using the
found on Quintessential Careers.
Finally go to this section of Quintessential Careers to find some great
networking resources.
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