Portraying Military Job as Applicable in Civilian World

TransitionZachery writes:
I have just retired as a jet-engine mechanic from the US Air Force.

I am experienced in all phases of repair troubleshooting trimming buildup and management of aircraft and jet-engine repair.

My question is: how does this experience translate into a career in the civilian sector?

The Career Doctor responds:
The first thing I want you to do is consider all your transferable skills – not just your mechanical skills but also all those other skills related to being in the military.

The second step is to go and visit some of the sites listed at Quintessential Careers: Job Resources for Veterans and Former Military. One of our favorite sites on the list is Transition Assistance Online which provides free services to separating military service members to assist you in finding their next job or career with employers seeking to hire individuals with the unique training education skills and leadership that only the military provides.

See also our section inspired by our 2013 Job Action Day with numerous articles and resources generated by that event and our Career Job and Entrepreneurial Tools for Transitioning Veterans & Former Military.

Finally once you done a full self-analysis and determined all your skills and accomplishments I would suggest looking for jobs in all the traditional methods: networking other offline job searching job-hunting on the Net etc. We outline all these steps in our tutorial Quintessential
Careers: Job Search 101

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