Portray Termination in Positive Light in Interviews

Anonymous writes:
I was let go a week ago. I made the mistake of confiding in a co-worker
that I was not happy and that I’d been interviewing elsewhere. She went
directly to the owner who promptly fired me. How do I approach the
subject if I’m asked about it in interviews?

The Career Doctor responds:
This letter should be a wake-up call to all workers that the “friends” you
have at work may not really be your friends. That said I find both the
co-worker’s and owner’s actions reprehensible and unprofessional.
Once you’re kind of over the shock of what happened to you I think you
need to focus on why you were job-hunting in the first place… that you
were not happy there anymore.
How should you handle it in job interviews? You should focus not on
anything negative but on how you had outgrown your position — and
with no real growth opportunities in such a small firm — you realized it
was time to look elsewhere to grow your career. Make sure in your
answer that you demonstrate how you have mastered your previous
job (using specific examples of your accomplishments) and that you
are ready for more challenging assignments.
I also suggest you spend some time brushing up on other questions you
may face in your job interviews. Use the Quintessential Careers
Guide to Job
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