Podiatry as Backup Plan for Med School

Rudolph writes:
I am considering podiatry as a possible alternative if I am not admitted to an M.D. school. I understand podiatrists work a regular 40-hour week yet make upwards of $100000 per year. On the other hand I’ve searched job listings for podiatrists on the internet and have come up with zero openings. Should I even consider podiatry school or is the market such that an individual would be better off in some other area like physical therapy or D.O. school? Please help me to get sound advice before making a life-long career decision.

The Career Doctor responds:
You have me quite puzzled R.J. because it sounds as though you want to go to medical school but that you have some serious doubts that you’ll get in. What makes you think that if you don’t get into medical school that you’ll have better success with other graduate medical programs? You seem focused on pay and workload but perhaps you really need to be focusing on why you want to be a doctor.
All these medical professionals — doctors podiatrists and dentists — really require a need on your part to want to help people. You can’t go into a career because of the pay or availability because you’ll end up hating your job — and perhaps yourself.
So please spend some time exploring what you really want to do with your life. And when you have decided — and it is still one of these three options — then here are some resources for you:

Finally you can get some great information and links to other resources on all three of these professions including job outlook pay training etc. by searching the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics
Occupational Outlook Handbook.

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