On-the-Job Training During Career Change?

Anonymous writes:
I have been a travel agent for the past 7 years and now would like a career change. I thought I would like to learn Web design as a career with possibilities for the future. Is there a company that will train me while I also work? Also please let me know of other options as far as a career change. Eventually I would like to start my own business.

The Career Doctor responds:
I know of very few companies that are willing to train you from scratch in a totally new career field. Instead you need to develop a career-change strategy. It’s very hard to go immediately from one field to another without first gaining new credentials in the form of
education training and experience.
If Web design is really something you would like to pursue then I suggest developing a short-term plan for yourself that includes you continuing as a travel agent while taking classes in Web design. Once you mastered the skills I suggest working or volunteering part-time in Web design — so you can build a portfolio of your skills and abilities — and then going after a full-time position.
For more information and resources I suggest you read: The 10-Step Plan to Career Change. This article will point you in the right direction and set you on a path toward a successful change to Web designer.

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