Older Teen Hurting for a Job

Anonymous writes:
I am only 18 years old. I finished high school. I need a job badly that doesn’t pay poorly. I have experience working with children but I would love to have experience in other things but no one is willing to hire you unless you already have the experience.

The Career Doctor responds:
May I start off with a lecture first? Can I encourage you to find a way to attend college — even if it is part-time while you are working full-time? There is such a wage gap between high-school grads and college grads that one study found that high-school grads rarely get to even a middle-class income … partly because we are in a knowledge-based econ
Okay lecture over. Now let’s see about giving you some ideas for finding a decent-paying job. Here’s what I suggest you do:
First talk to your network of family friends former teachers etc. — people who know you. Ask if they know of companies that have job openings — or know other people who might know people who have job openings. Networking is the best source for finding job leads.
Second look around at the companies and stores around your town or city. There are lots of jobs from cashiers stockers waiters receptionists and more that a high-school grad can fill. Some will pay minimum wage but others will pay more. Some may even have an employee training program and/or college tuition program. Don’t settle for
the first job offer you get — unless it is exactly what you want.
Third check out the want ads of your local newspaper(s). Even with the recent slowdown in the economy employers are still often in need of hard-working employees. Don’t depend on this method but it can be a good source of job leads.
Fourth explore the Web such as the sites on Job and Career Resources for Teenagers.

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