OK to Send Job-Interview Thank-You Letters via E-mail?

Melissa writes:
I’ve been researching resumes and updating my resume. I have just completed a
series of interviews and wondered what your opinion is of sending thank-you letters
electronically. Must one mail thank-you letters via snail-mail or is it okay to email
a thank-you letter?

The Career Doctor responds:
Yours is becoming a more common question asked of me and my answer
is to do both.
If you have the person’s email address sending a quick thank-you email
shortly after the interview gives you the immediate impact you desire and
showcases both your manners and your interest in the position.
Even if you send an email thank you I would still also send the traditional
thank-you note or letter by mail because it tends to be more formal and more
likely will end up in your file than an email note will. And this thank-you note
can be longer than your email one and really focus on the one or two things
you want the hiring manager to remember. And besides I don’t really think
you can ever be overly polite.
And as readers of this column know by now (I hope) sending any kind of thank-you
is better than sending nothing. And while timing is important — I recommend
hand-delivering thank-you letters the next day if possible — it’s more important
to just do it and showcase your interest and thoughtfulness. Plus writing a
thank-you gives you two more follow-up opportunities — one with the letter and
one a short time later to make sure the manager received the letter (and to
show your continued interest).
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