Nurse Wants to Switch to Pharmaceutical Sales

Sharon writes:
I desperately want to jump into a new career. I am a Licensed Practical Nurse with
some college in business management. I am looking for a career in pharmaceutical
sales. My question is how can I get my foot in the door.
The Career Doctor responds:
Who doesn’t want a career in pharmaceutical sales? Over the last couple of years
as pharmaceutical companies changed marketing tactics and increased the
number of lifestyle drugs the need for sales representatives soared. And as job-seekers
heard of the potential income interest in these jobs also jumped dramatically.
Pharmaceutical sales is the job — by far — I am asked about most which is
pretty amazing given the plethora of jobs and careers available to job-seekers.
Acknowledging the stiff competition for these jobs — especially from younger
job-seekers — how can you break into the field? You certainly have the medical
expertise and know-how to handle the technical side of the job — and how to interact
with doctors but what about the sales side? Do you have any experience in sales?
My best advice for you is a two-part strategy — both designed to help you learn more
about the field and expand your network. The first part is to begin networking with
the pharmaceutical reps that call on your workplace. The second part is contacting
your former college and getting a list of alums who work in pharmaceutical sales –
and network with them. Ideally you’ll get friendly enough with a few of them so that
you can go further in depth by conducting informational interviews and
going with them for a day as they make their sales calls.
Learn more about networking in this section of Quintessential Careers:
The Art of Networking.
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