Nurse Wants Career Change Away from Patient-Care Arena

Jaime writes:
I wondered if you could give me a referral to a good website or company that
may help nurses advance their careers. I am an RN who wants to use my
science degree for something totally non-patient related i.e. nurse attorney
working for insurance companies hospital credentialing companies pharmaceutical sales etc. I am having trouble finding much specific information and many of
these require more experience than I have or more college. Can you help me?
Thanks for your time and have a great day!

The Career Doctor responds:
It is amazing to me that we have a nursing shortage and yet many
employers do not seem to be doing a lot to hire and retain nurses. Instead
I hear horror stories from nurses of poor pay long hours and poor working conditions. And many like you are looking to change careers to move away
from the healthcare mess.
I am going to suggest some exercises for you to complete but you may
also want to work with a professional career coach — someone who can
help you through the steps of changing careers.
The first thing you need to decide is what you want to do next — because
some of the jobs/careers you mention will require additional education. My
advice for this step is for you to conduct research and informational interviews.
Learn more about the pros and cons of each career — as well as the specific
additional educations and experience you would need.
Once you have narrowed down your list of potential careers the next step is
choosing one and developing a plan for the change — perhaps still working in
nursing as you go back to school or moonlight or volunteer in the new
career to gain experience.
You’ll also have to do major updates of all your job-search materials to reflect
the change in careers.
Changing careers is a challenge but with patience and work it is possible.
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