New MBA Hasn’t Found a Job Yet

Kimberly writes:
I graduated from a MBA program with honors in December and have been
unsuccessful in my job search. Thus far I have done the following: (1) networked
through associates and friends; (2) attended career fairs; (3) applied for positions
online that are posted to corporation’s websites or my university’s job postings.
I have not had an interview since December. Can you provide any advice?

The Career Doctor responds:
My best suggestion for you would be to run immediately to the career center
of the university from which you earned your MBA. There is obviously something
wrong with your job search and I don’t have enough clues from your question.
If I were making a guess based on similar questions I have received from MBAs
in your same position I would say it probably relates to three things: no or
limited job experience a poor or underdeveloped network an unfocused resume.
If you have no job experience immediately seek some out through volunteering consulting or temporary work. Employers expect undergrads to have job
experience – so you can only imagine how much they expect from a MBA.
If your network has not led to any kind of results then either your network is
weak or you are not using it correctly. Besides the usual family friends co-workers professors etc. have you joined one or more ? You
need to get more involved with your networking.
How’s your resume? I suggest getting it critiqued from a professional – either a
resume expert or someone from your field. An unfocused resume will not get
you job interviews.
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