Moving from a Job to a Career

April writes:
I’m 21 and I am really struggling with my future. I currently have a great job but it’s
not career oriented. I don’t know what I want to do — long term. Is there any advice you
could give me?

The Career Doctor responds:
April you raise a lot of questions! I’m not sure how to best answer your questions with my limited information but let me give it a stab.
First let me say you are doing the exact right thing you should be doing — questioning what your next step should be in your career. Also keep in mind that at your age you really do have your whole life — and many careers — ahead of you.
Next though you need to answer this question: why do you think the job could not be a career? If it is a dead-end job is it really that “great” of a job? And even the most basic of jobs have some degree of career paths/promotions.
After answering my question if you want to stay with your current employer but begin to pursue a promotion you should read my article Moving
Up the Ladder: 10 Strategies for Getting Yourself Promoted
. In the article I outline key strategies you need to use as you begin to map your future.
If you are sure this job is going nowhere and you feel as though you need to find an even better job in your ideal career field then take the time to do a thorough self-assessment.


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