Mounting a Job Search After Termination

Julia writes:
I’ve just been fired. I am overwhelmed with what appear to be hundreds of resources but appear to be going nowhere quickly. How can I identify the best source and narrow the focus of this agonizing task?

The Career Doctor responds:
Julia I am glad to see you have a positive attitude … you need to keep this same attitude throughout your unexpected job search. Being fired is a problem but nothing to be panicking about.

The first thing you need to do is sit down and take a breath. Then evaluate your situation. Do you want the same kind of job or are you looking for a new challenge? Do you want or need to stay in the same area or are you willing to relocate? Next update your resume and contact people in your network and tell them that you are looking for new employment.

What you do next really depends a lot on how you answered the questions. But you are right job-hunting on the Net can be a little daunting.

Because of this issue I wrote an article that I think would be perfect for you. It takes you through the steps of job-hunting on the Net. Please visit Strategies for Finding Employment on the Internet.

Finally you might also want to read this article: Getting Fired: An Opportunity for Change and Growth.
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