Military Transition into Second Career in Law

LawCareerJeffrey writes:
I will retire in less than two years from the Army. I am currently an operations officer (Captain) in Dothan AL. I have an AA in criminal-justice administration and a BA in general education. I would really like to land that suit-and-tie job hopefully 9-5 in the law field as a second career. But where do I begin? Any thoughts on the future of paralegals?

The Career Doctor responds:
You really have two issues here Jeffrey. The first is making the transition from a military career to the civilian workforce. See the section on my career site Quintessential Careers for transitioning military and veterans: Job Resources for
Veterans and Former Military

The second issue deals with the paralegal field. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook employment of paralegals is expected to grow much faster than average (22 percent through 2016) as law firms and other employers with legal staffs increasingly hire paralegals to lower the cost and increase the availability and efficiency of legal services.” Follow this link to read the *Occupational Outlook* report.
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