Mid-Careerist Looking for Complete Career Change

Kate writes:
I’m new to your website; it’s a great information source. Here’s my situation. I
have worked at the same company for the last 22 years. I’m 54 years old and
ready for a complete change in my life. I think I’m about to get a retirement
package and so I’m thinking of a change to something related to helping people.
I wouldn’t mind going back to school. I don’t know and I don’t know where to
start or how to figure out what I want to do? Any suggestions who be greatly
appreciated. Help!!

The Career Doctor responds:
I have enjoyed researching the baby boomers ever since I first worked at
People Magazine — where this demographic group was thoroughly
loved. And of course I am a member of the cohort.
And now as boomers move toward retirement many experts are predicting
that our current views of working and retirement will be totally revamped once
these folks put their mark on this next stage in their lives.
For many retirement will indeed no longer signal the end of working but more
so a career and lifestyle transition where the retiree has multiple options –
such as continuing to work returning to school for additional training or education
becoming more involved in volunteer work or simply enjoying leisure and travel
possibilities — a mix of working learning relaxing and trying new things.
Dr. Ken Dychtwald author of Age Power describes the transition between
working and retiring as middlescence which he says occurs to people sometime
in their 50′s to 70′s. Middlescence is a time of growth and reinvention — and this
the perfect time for you to consider a career change.
You can start planning for your next career stage by examining your likes and
dislikes and strengths and weaknesses. Start researching various “helping”
careers. Conduct informational interviews. Consider talking with a career coach
or other career professional. Remember to take your time.
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