Making Career Change from Retail to HR

HRGina writes:
I need advice on related job info. I am currently a group manager at a major department store. I manage the cosmetic and fragrance business. I have been in retail for 13 years. I have a degree in marketing and am looking for a career change. What will be a likely career that would encompass my talents? I have been leaning toward human resources.

The Career Doctor responds:
Because of your experience and education I think you can go into a number of other careers including: managers in wholesale trade (such as cosmetics) hotels banks and hospitals. I can also see you using your talents in human resources.

The key for you is to conduct a self-analysis that leads to the development of a list of transferable skills a focus on the new career you want to enter and a plan of attack for your career change.

A book I highly recommend for people considering a change of careers is: Career Change (VGM) by Dr. David Helfand (out of print but used copies available).

And don’t forget to utilize all the resources and tools we offer in this section of Quintessential Careers: Job & Career Resources for Career Changers.


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