Making a Creative Career Change that Draws on Legal-Secretary Skills

Anonymous writes:
I have been a legal secretary for 10 years. At first I used this job to pay for
school where I majored in fashion design. Since then I have been married
with children and did not complete my major. I’ve been in business for myself
for three years since then and basically gave it up because of a lack of interest.
I’m in the beginning stages of outlining a game plan to change careers and
am look toward my creative side.
How do I begin the research for a lucrative job that involves my experience as
a legal secretary with a creative flair in fashion/entertainment? I also have
interests in computer animation for major films.

The Career Doctor responds:
Well the coming new year is a time to make radical changes — and you
are certainly in that category!
I am going to offer you the best advice I can give you but I honestly
feel that you could really benefit from several sessions with a career
coach. I think you have a lot of issues that need to be resolved and
focused to help you move forward. For example can’t you use your
creative side in your job as a legal secretary — or if you moved to
some other position within the firm? What if you moved to a legal
office that practiced entertainment law?
A career change this drastic is going to take time planning and
organization. I am guessing that your experience as a legal secretary
will come in handy as you move forward with this career change.
You obviously have a great collection of skills and interests. I think
you need to start here. Make an inventory of all your skills. Circle the
ones that you most want to use in the future.
From those skills start researching career paths that will best fit you.
Get as much information as you can including the types of training or education you need. Conduct informational interviews with people working
in those careers. Find volunteering opportunities that allow you to practice
some of these skills and build experience.
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