Looking for Hasty Exit from Call-Center Job

Anonymous writes:
I’ve been working at a call center for 6 months and I really hate it.
When I’m off on the weekends I’m okay but when Sunday night
comes and I start thinking about going to work I get a headache
literally. I have just started looking for another job and what worries
me is that when employers look at my resume and see I have been
working for this company for only 6 months it may hinder me in finding
another job. What can I do? Thanks.

The Career Doctor responds:
The sad truth is that there are too many people facing the same Sunday night
dread as you do and it just should not be the case. We should all be
empowered to have the resources and determination to find a job and
career that we love — or at least one that we do not dislike so much that
we get physically sick thinking about another week stuck in a dead-end job.
In an ideal world I would recommend — for the sake of your sanity and your
health — to quit immediately. Unfortunately most of us have bills and obligations
so quitting without another job in hand is most likely not an option.
Okay so what can you do? Spend every waking moment outside of work — and
even on work breaks — planning a new job search and executing that search. You’re
only stuck in that job for as long as you allow yourself to be stuck in it.
First step: determine your next career move. Because time is of the essence
your next job may still be a step or two away from your ideal job; you may need
more education training or experience to get the job you really want but don’t
wait for all of that to happen before finding what I like to refer to as a “stepping-stone”
Second step: take a hard look at your resume and consider revamping it (or having
a professional revamp it for you). It sounds as though you’ve had a number of jobs
already so now might be the time to experiment with a chrono-functional
resume where you focus on clusters of skills rather than on your job history. Don’t toss your chronological resume though as you’ll want to use it if the chrono-functional isn’t working for you (many employers don’t like them).
Third step: make a plan and then implement it. Work hard — accomplish something
everyday — to find your next job. Focus on the positives and picture yourself in your
next job — and it will happen sooner than you think.
Be sure to use the Job
Search Checklist
published on Quintessential Careers.


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