Locating Keywords

Susan writes:
While using a variety of job-search sites some require KEYWORDS or SKILLS and I find that I get either too many or too few “hits.” Do you have any suggestions of where to find the best listings of these words. Also because I have an extremely diverse work background and am in middle management’ it’s more difficult (industry is not important
to me at this time) to find keywords.

The Career Doctor responds:
Susan you really need to take a two-step process here. First you need to examine your current mix of education skills and accomplishments. Make a list of the words and phrases that best describe your strengths. Then take a look at some of the jobs that interest you. Make a list of some of the common skills that these jobs require.
Once you have these two sets of words and phrases then look for areas of overlap — and focus on the areas where you want to focus in your next career move. Remember you do not need to include all your diverse skills sets only those that you want to continue working with. And don’t ever use words such as “middle management.” No one hires for middle management. Employers are looking for strategists and leaders who have the skills and expertise to make an impact on the company and improve its performance.
If you are still having some troubles identifying the right mix of keywords I suggest consulting our article Resources for Identifying Resume Keywords.