Leave Portfolio Behind with Interviewers?

Jeremiah writes:
I’ve got a question regarding portfolios. It will take a folder with nice plastic
dividers to make it look really nice. It is something that I do not want to make
and just give to a interviewer. Do I need to make plenty of them to leave with
interviewers or what do I do with it. Thanks.

The Career Doctor responds:
I truly love the concept of career portfolios and done correctly they can become powerful
tools for job-seekers. Different portfolio experts have slightly different ideas about portfolios
but let me give you mine.
First invest in a really nice three-ring binder with a cover sleeve where you can insert your
name and vital contact information. Second formulate a plan for the organization of
materials in your portfolio such as career summary mission and goals; resume; skills sets; samples of your work; testimonials; awards and honors; transcripts; and other career-related information. Third develop a table of contents. Fourth
using dividers or some other clever method place your material directly into the binder or in
plastic sleeves made for three-ring binders. I suggest keeping the originals in safe-keeping
and placing duplicates (or high-quality copies) in your portfolio.
You really need only create one portfolio. The idea is not that these are disposable but
of lasting quality. Besides making a great first impression and showcasing your skills
and abilities the other great advantage of a portfolio is that it gives you a reason to see
the employer — so that you can retrieve your portfolio after the hiring manager has had a
few days to review it.
Finally there is something to be said with how you present your portfolio in an interview.
Don’t just simply lay it on the desk in front of the hiring manager. Wait for a question to
arise such as a question about your level of skills or technical expertise where you can
pull your portfolio out of your briefcase and walk the employer through it.
You can find more details and ideas in my article
Your Job Skills
Portfolio: Giving You an Edge in the Marketplace
. And one more thing: portfolios
do not just have to be print volumes; more job-seekers are also developing portfolios
on the Web and on CD or DVD.

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