Leave Job He Was Fired from Off Resume?

Anonymous writes:
I was fired from my last position after only 4 months. I have 4 years of good
experience prior to this. I do not want my last employer contacted for a
reference. Do I have to include the job on my resume? And what about on an
application? Can a prospective employer run a background check using your
social security number or by other means that would turn up the omitted job?

The Career Doctor responds:
A resume is a marketing document not a complete history of the applicant.
You should on your resume include only items that will put you in the most
favorable light for the position you are applying.
So no you do NOT need to put this job on your resume. I would not put it on
my job application either but that is a little trickier because some applications
do ask for a complete work history. As for background checks sure employers
can discover your full work history… but again a resume is not a full work history.
Remember though if you have this four-month gap on your resume at least one
interviewer is going to ask you why you have this gap and what have you been
doing since your last job. Now the situation becomes trickier. Of course if you
have been doing something else during this time such as going to school
volunteering consulting etc. then you can simply talk about that. If you don’t
then you need to have an explanation about how the job was not the right fit (which
is also why you did not put it on your resume).
Also before you ditch this job make sure you don’t have valuable experiences that
would enhance your resume — even if your tenure at the job was so short.
Finally being fired can be a traumatic experience so you may not be thinking too
clearly. Your ego may be bruised. It’s only natural – and those feelings will subside;
the key for you is to not let those feeling cloud your judgment.
Hang in there! You’ll rebound and get a new job soon!
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