Learning More about Political Analyst Jobs

Anonymous writes:
political_analyst_-_Google_SearchI have a BA in political science and soon will complete a MA in political science. My chosen career path is to become a political analyst. I can find no resources for that field. Can you to direct me to anything helpful? Also how would you suggest I go about entering the field?

The Career Doctor responds:
As I tell all my visitors who are still in college your best source for career information and contacts is the professors in your school – and specifically in your political-science department. Since you’re in a master’s program in theory you have two different sets of professors to network with – from your undergraduate and your graduates programs.

Go talk with them and ask questions and solicit advice.

To me there seems to be two different kinds of political analysts – the ones who work for political parties (or similar organizations) and those who are also journalists – and I’m not sure which of the two interests you more. Either way the best way to get into these areas is through networking.
Beyond your professors a great starting point on the ‘Net for you should be the American Political Science Association Website.