Keeping Resume Confidential

Anonymous writes:
I don’t think its smart to have my resume for all to review. How I can I post my resume and keep it confidential?

The Career Doctor responds:
There certainly is validity to wanting to be discreet about job-hunting when you are currently employed — you wouldn’t want your current employer to do a search for a position and get your resume from one of these job sites.
The good news is that many job boards now offer you a confidentiality option — thus your resume is still out there getting viewed but you control who actually knows it is your resume. There are a few other job sites that even allow you to block your resume from going to certain companies thus allowing no chance that your current employer will see your resume. You can search through a list of The Top 10 Job Web Sites.
And one final warning. Please remember that job-hunting on the Net should only comprise a small portion of your overall job-hunt — a little larger for people in technical and computer fields. You’ll do much better taking advantage of networking and other more traditional job-search techniques but I also understand the value of the Web in a passive job search — putting your resume online and seeing what kind of responses you get even when you are fairly happy with your current position.
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