Keep Following Up with Unresponsive Employer?

David writes:
I interviewed at a very hot high-tech startup company about a month ago.
They expressed interest in me but told me that they move slowly on hiring
and that I will need to be patient. I followed up with the VP who interviewed me
and she told me to reschedule a meeting with her a few weeks out. When I sent
her an email regarding that meeting she apologized and said that she was
extremely busy but that she had asked someone else on her staff would “reach out”
me later in the week. It has now been a little more than a week and I have not
heard from this staff person. Do I proactively contact that person and try to schedule
my interview? Do I email her and say that I’m touching base and that I have not
heard from this other person?

The Career Doctor responds:
It’s not just hot high-tech companies that have extended the employment cycle;
one of the biggest trends I’ve noticed in job-hunting over the last few years has
been the great increase in the amount of time it takes from first interview to job offer.
Many employers seem quite content at dragging their feet through the process
potentially losing some top talent to other organizations in the process.
But at least this particular employer gave you fair warning. That said it does NOT
mean that you should be passive in your approach. Just because the hiring cycle
has been extended it does NOT mean you should not still be following-up with the company.
By all means contact the VP (or the VP’s assistant) — by whatever means you are
most comfortable. There are so many possible scenarios ranging from the staff
person never getting the message to his email going into your junk folder by mistake.
So pick up the phone or send an email and politely inquire whether the staff person has
tried to contact you. As with any follow-up be certain to again express your interest in
the company and how you can make a contribution.
Patience and persistence are some of the most important words for job-seekers these
days. Don’t ever give up getting the job until you know the employer has hired someone
else — and never stop politely and regularly checking-in with the hiring manager.
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