Jobs for Stay-at-Home Mom?

Aimee writes:
How do I specifically search for part-time positions that I could do while being a stay-at-home mom? I have an associate’s degree in graphic design and Illustration and am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in communications/public relations. I am currently working for the government as an administrative assistant. Any ideas?

The Career Doctor responds:
You have to make a plan and develop a strategy. You can find employers willing to get professionals part-time — given this job market — but given your background and skills it might be better to go the route of freelancer/consultant.
You can get freelance jobs through networking with current and former employers friends and associates etc. You’ll have to change the focus of your resume and your pitch but many companies outsource work especially graphics-related work.
You can also post your specialty and review work proposals at several freelance sites found at Quintessential Careers: Jobs for Consultants & Freelancers.
Best of luck to you.
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