Jobs for Business-Administration Majors

Douglas writes:
Hey I am curious to know what kind of jobs I could obtain with a bachelor’s degree in business administration?

The Career Doctor responds:
There are several ways to answer your question — and I’ll try to do just that.
The first answer: You could work in just about any job in business including in
accounting finance marketing or management. A degree in business
administration provides you with the basic fundamentals of operating companies corporations nonprofit institutions and government agencies.
The second answer: It’s a great degree for someone going into the family business or considering graduate school but a degree in business administration
is just too general in today’s world of specialists. You would be a much stronger
job candidate with a degree in a specific discipline.
The third answer: The degree is more important than your major and after your
first job no one will care about your major in college — so focus
on completing the degree.
What’s the real answer? In my opinion the major is too broad. You should find
what aspects of business really appeal to you. Sit down and look at the material
from courses in each of the major fields of business and decide which elements
get you excited and arouse your curiosity and interest. You might also take a
look at the types of assignments you most enjoyed completing. And if you are
close to finishing your degree consider at least minoring in one of the business
disciplines…or perhaps consider an MBA program where you can specialize.
In the end please remember that you’ll always find that job-hunting is much
easier when you have a specific focus on the types of jobs you are seeking
rather than taking a shotgun approach of any job in business.
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