Job-Hunting after Entrepreneurship

Sherri B. writes:
I am a small business owner who wants to go back into the work force. I have _x0010_extensive skills in marketing management and project management. Because of my self-employment I feel I have been passed over for positions I have applied for.
I would like to go to an employment agency or headhunter who will take the time to get to know me and what skills I have to offer a potential employer and help me get to the right position in the right company. What are my options in the Kansas City area for employment agencies or headhunters that might take my challenge on?

The Career Doctor responds:
Let me first state that job-seekers need to go into relationships with headhunters knowing where these recruiters are coming from — recruiters are paid by an employer when they place a candidate with that employer. Recruiters do not work for job-seekers. With that said an excellent article that provides much more insight into the whole
job-seeker/recruiter dynamic is: The Care and Feeding of Headhunters and Recruiters by Kathryn Lee Bazan.
I have two current favorite Websites for finding recruiters. — where job-seekers who are looking for a recruiting professional (headhunters executive search staffing firms) can search a database of more than 10000 recruiters. Search by company name specialty or location.
Oya’s Recruiter Directory — a free resource created to help job-seekers find recruiters who can assist you in reaching their career goals. Search for recruiters or browse by recruiter specialty or location. A great resource for job-seekers.
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