Job-Hopping and Pay-Cut Woes

Anonymous writes:
Since 2002 I have worked for several different companies. About 3 years ago I
switched employers and stayed there about a year before joining a start-up company.
I had been employed by the start-up for about 8 months before they were acquired
by my original employer.
I’ve been asked to take a substantial pay cut. So I’m somewhat torn between
staying with this company and looking for new employment locally. I suspect that
even at my reduced salary I might be faring better than the local wage scale. Then
there’s also the problem of my resume. I’m concerned about how bad my resume
looks with all the moves in such a short period of time. A co-worker said that since
I was only gone for about a year and now back I started that I should just list the
current company as “2002 to present”.

The Career Doctor responds:
The current state of the economy is affecting workers and job-seekers in so
many ways from layoffs to reduced hours to pay cuts. And everyone is frustrated
including the employers and the employees. And you face multiple issues.
First because you work for an out-of-state employer I suspect your pay is much
higher than the local wage scale. But rather than guessing I suggest you hop on the Internet and
do a little salary research. You can conduct your research by going to one or
more of the several salary Websites and/or searching for similar jobs and
comparing wage scales. Once you’ve completed your research you need to
develop your options. If you decide to accept the pay cut I would try to negotiate
a timeline for a return to compensation at your previous levels. I might also
negotiate an increase in other non-compensation benefits such as more time off.
Second please do not “fudge” your resume. There is nothing worse than lying
or providing misleading information on your resume. By definition a resume is
a statement of facts about your educational and work experiences. In your
situation you have solid work experience with a number of companies that shows
your ability to stay with employers for extended periods of time. But just as
importantly job-hopping is so much less an issue than it used to be. Employers
know that numerous factors (mergers economy rightsizing dotcom bust etc.)
have led to many job-seekers having more short-term job stints than in the past.
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