Job Search on the Fly

A Guest Post by Christina Diane Archer
From time to time we’re publishing guest posts via Recruiting Blogswap.
Christina Diane Archer is a recruiter expert resume writer social media consultant and published author.
You’ve just been chewed out by an overbearing boss for the last time. Perhaps you were just passed over for a promotion or you were just required to work 80 hours last week without any over-time pay. When your job goes sour you often suffer silently–waiting patiently for your next career move.
Stop standing in the shadows waiting for something to come along and become a “rain-maker.” With the partnership of technology and a good recruiting specialist you will quickly find yourself new opportunities that align with your skills experience and personality.
Here are three tips to help you job search “on-the-fly.”
1. Set up a search agent in Indeed is a job aggregator so it takes all of the jobs found on the web and aggregates them on their site. Go to Indeed enter the keywords that fit your ideal position (that coincides with your background) and see the results. Near the top of the page enter your email address and have those same search results emailed to you once daily.
2. Locate professional recruiters who specialize in your field. LinkedIn is an excellent place to search for agency recruiters who will get your resume in the hands of hiring managers. You can sign up for your free account on their website. Executive level job boards are known to be helpful too.
3. Commit to making the job change and be available for all scheduled interviews. If you’re working with a recruiter and they schedule you to meet with a potential employer – you need to be there. Don’t be wishy-washy in the job search process or it will ultimately bite you. The recruiter will stop being responsive to your calls and will stop representing you. They only get paid when you are hired in your new position; so why would they invest in you if you’re not serious?
Good luck in your job search!

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