Job Search in the Face of Relocation

Soomi writes:
I am a graduate of fine arts and I find that I have many unrelated job skills so I don’t know how to focus or what job objective to write anymore. I have a major in painting and sculpture. My parents own a grocery store which is where I have been working most of my life. I have some short-term experience teaching English to Koreans and I have some experience in translating for the biennial exhibition in Korea. I would like to move to Toronto and I am willing to work at any job for the start but I don’t really know how to go about looking for jobs when I am currently living in Winnipeg. I wanted to study in the areas of fashion design or the set design or any art-related areas but I cannot afford to study more. Winnipeg has very few resources on art-related areas in general and I would like to go where I can get more information on them. I don’t think working here and saving up to leave is necessarily a good idea for me. Do you have any suggestions for me? I know that I am kind of asking a broad non-specific questions but any suggestion would help right now.

The Career Doctor responds:
Making a geographic move should not too much of a hassle if you do some planning before you move. You need to determine your job opportunities in Toronto which you can do in a couple of different ways. First search on the Internet to develop a list of major Toronto art galleries and museums. Write (and then call) the executive directors of these organizations and ask about job openings and possibilities. Second you can go on the Web and check out a few Canada-specific job Websites which you can find in this section of Quintessential Careers: Canada Job and Career Resources.


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