Job Search After Layoff

Julianna writes:
I am a 27-year-female who got laid off. I have been actively
interviewing but have been unable to find another position. I am talented on the computer. I was working as an administrative assistant.
I feel a lot of resentment and disappointment. What do I do? I need help.

The Career Doctor responds:
I offer you the best advice I can possibly give you: Don’t be discouraged — look at this layoff as a chance to start anew with a better opportunity. I strongly encourage you to read my article Getting
Fired: An Opportunity for Change and Growth
which offers tips and suggestions for
developing a plan to get you in shape to find an even better job than the one you had.
Remember to focus on your skills and abilities. As an administrative assistant you are not locked into any one industry — your options are almost limitless. Job experts say that besides various governmental bodies that are hiring companies in certain industries are also hiring — including healthcare security and defense and pharmaceutical companies. Of course companies in other industries are also hiring but in much smaller numbers.
The key to your job-hunting success is to have a job-search plan — one that includes a positive outlook a new resume and a strategy for locating job opportunities.
Finally may I also suggest you read several articles aimed at helping readers through the current economic meltdown:
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Best of luck in your job search.
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