Job Opportunities for Psych Major/Business Minor

Jonee writes:
I am a college student majoring in psychology and a minor in business. I would like to know what type of job opportunities are available for someone in my position. I would like a career more on the business side and would like to know if a psychology degree has any value in the business world. I have one more year left to complete my degree and could use some advice.

The Career Doctor responds:
The list of job possibilities are almost endless for you. The degree is the most important element here not your major or minor…though I will say that business uses a lot of theories from psychology from management to marketing.
I recommend you go to Quintessential Careers Career Exploration and What Can I do With a Major in…? These sites will give you a broad range of jobs and career paths.
Finally I recommend that you get some experience. Use this summer to get an internship in an area of business that interests you. The internship will help solidify your decision about a career in business and will give you the much-needed experience that most employers are looking for — even from recent college graduates.
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